Win Cash 3 Ways in a Lottery Draw Satta Matka

Win Cash 3 Ways in a Lottery Draw Satta Matka

Win cash 3 ways for a lottery draw: straight, boxed, or wheeled. If you’re going to play in a 3 digit lotto game, you can use a dollar ($1) or fifty cents ($.50) as your qualifying bid. If your 3 digit set was a game chip, then $1 or $.50 would be the price of 1 chip.

When you choose to play straightly, you’ll be marking numbers on the panels of your play slip, in a linear manner. You’ll be expected to present your slip to the dealer and pay for your bet, with no other additional lottery game procedure.

If you want to play for cash 3 times the cost of 1 game, then place your money on wheeled bets. When you wheel your bet, you’ll be paying for 2 other bets if your number set repeats 1 of the numbers; like in 5-7-7. This kind of bet will cost you $3 for your $1 or $1.5 for your $.50 because you’re also betting on 7-5-7 and 7-7-5. So in the event that 7-7-5 or 7-5-7, becomes the drawn winner, instead of 5-7-7, you’ll still be able to collect for a win, since you’ve obviously won your bet, as well.

Since you decided to pay $3 or $1.50, the total amount of your jackpot earning will correspond to: 1. Satta Matka the number of ways that your 3 digit set can go, and 2. the amount that you wagered when you entered the lottery game. A 6 way number bet, will win you more money than a 3 way number bet can; provided that your 6 way number combination bet is the winning set that’s drawn.

When you join the lottery for cash 3 ways but don’t want to spend more than a dollar or more than $.50, than wager your money on a boxed bet. A boxed bet will give you an equal chance to win for a 3 digit combination that can be mixed and matched in 3 ways, or for a 3 number set that can go around, on a rotation of its numbers: 6 ways.

For a 3 digit combination which can go 3 ways, let’s use the 1-1-2 set as an example. Boxing your bet on 1-1-2 means that if 2-1-1 or 1-2-1 is the winning set for a draw, then you’ll win for you wager on 1-1-2. Remember, though, that you’ll only be winning the equivalent jackpot for your $1.00 or your $0.50 and not for any other amount. You’ll win what you’ve paid for, and nothing else. The same applies to a boxed bet on a 3 digit combination that can go 6 ways.

You have an option to wager money on your lottery bets, as half and half games or what’s also known as, 2 way betting. You can place a $0.50 on betting for your 3 digit combination, as a straight bet. Then, you can bet another $0.50 on a boxed bet. You’ll have to mark your pay slip as being 2 way bet, before you give your payment to the lottery dealer.

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