TDS Test and Water Purifiers

TDS Test and Water Purifiers

‘TDS’ (total dissolved solids) is the buzzword today in the water industry. What is TDS? It is a combination of organic and inorganic substances in water; these may be in ionized, molecular, or micro-granular suspended form. In more simple terms, TDS comprises of salt, toxic minerals, and other contaminants. Lower the level of TDS, purer is the water. A reverse osmosis filtration system is designed to lower the TDS levels in water. It is after getting the water tested that you will know whether you need a home water purifier of reverse osmosis mechanism or not.

This indicator is the key determinant today in determining the purity of water. It is an easy process, quick to deliver results, and inexpensive. With a single TDS meter, you can test water thousands of times; the only aspects that need to be considered are changing of batteries and occasional recalibration. If you are using conventional water purifiers, you can use a TDS meter to check whether the purified content is safe to drink or not. purificadoras de agua para negocio Surprisingly, you will find contaminants that are harmful to health. Consuming such water you will certainly become a victim of water borne diseases. If TDS is high, do get a reverse osmosis filtration system installed.

The working mechanism of a reverse osmosis home water purifier involves use of filter cartridges and TFC spiral RO membrane. The membrane has multitudes of tiny pores with the holes larger than the size of the smallest particles and micro organisms like bacteria and virus. During the process, as water passes through the filters and then the RO membrane, it gets purified. What you ultimately get from the faucet is 100% safe water. The advantageous features of the working mechanisms of RO water purifiers have been often spoken volume. Go for a reputed brand for advanced technology and superlative quality components used.

In case the TDS content is low, you will not need a reverse osmosis filtration system. A home water purifier of some other mechanism is what you will need. If the water is full of microorganisms, use of an ultra violet purification system is recommended.

Whatever be the purification mechanism involved, what ultimately matters is drinking safe water. And it is only after conducting water tests that you can take the right decision of choosing a purification system, one that is designed in sync with the latest technology.


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