How to Deal With Your Car Garage

How to Deal With Your Car Garage

Dealing with your garage should not be stressful; it should be a chance to get your car tuned up for your safety. However, crooked and dishonest garages make the process a lot harder. How do you deal with this?

Your car needs to be serviced at least once a year to stave off problems that can cause a great deal of expense later on down the road. However, dealing with a car garage can be difficult if the garage and the people seem shady to you. The following are some tips to make your garage experience more worthwhile and find the best garage for yourself and your vehicle. Keep these tips in mind when you are dealing with a garage; it will make life a lot easier.

1. You Don’t Have to Stay With the Dealer’s Garage
Car dealerships almost always have a garage tied to them; these car repair shops claim to specialize in the cars that are sold through the dealership and won’t deal with any other clients outside of the dealership. Garage Dubai When you buy your car through a dealership, you’ll be informed that you have to take it to the dealership’s garage in order to get servicing. However, this is far from true. Although some dealership garages are perfectly fine, if you find that yours isn’t working out for you, you can always leave and go to another one. Don’t feel obligated to stay with the dealership; after all, the main reason why they want you to go their automobile repair shop is because the dealership will likely get a cut of the profits made. Independent garages can be just as good, if not better, than the dealership.

2. If you are Unsatisfied, Ask for Your Money Back or Leave
People are often intimidated by their service people; but remember that they are supposed to be in the business of helping you, not just taking your money. However, many garages employ people who aren’t skilled, who will only do half the job (forcing you to come back soon after you left) or who pad the amount of money you owe on a job.

These sorts of car repair places are fairly obvious: you pay what seems like an unreasonable amount of money for a simple job, your car breaks down again soon after a supposed fix, or the people you are talking to seem vague and disinterested. If any of these things happen to you, you are well within your rights to demand your money back, report the garage, or simply take your business elsewhere. Again, if you are unhappy with the work done on your car, you don’t have to put up with it.

3. Always Ask Questions
Any good garage will be happy to answer any questions you have about the service being done on your vehicle and what to watch for. The service people should be knowledgeable and friendly and you should leave feeling cheerful about the work done, not unhappy or grouchy. If you feel that the service people you spoke with don’t know what they are doing or were shifty in their answers, then ask to speak with a manager.

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