Electronic Security Seals Offer More Features at Lower Cost

Electronic Security Seals Offer More Features at Lower Cost

At the top end of the market, seals on sensitive shipments include data technology. The seal can include shipment details as well as information about the timing of access to the container. For example, Manta Security Seal, recently introduced infrared scanning technology to its Electronic Security Seal (already among the highest performing electronic seals in the security industry). Known as Seal Track, this allows the use of handheld scanning devices, enabling a virtually instantaneous downloading of the data stored within the seal. This data can then be easily downloaded to a PC or laptop computer utilizing the Seal Track software, where the information can be sorted, analyzed, and displayed in a variety of printable formats.

Security is assured by Manta’s Crypta technology, Elecronic seal which allows the unit to automatically generate a four digit random number every time that it is sealed. This code remains unchanged until the unit is opened. The number can be checked, and thereby the security of the load verified, at any time by pressing the display button that illuminates the display, which can be easily read in any lighting conditions. By using the built-in infrared capability, the system can incorporate remote sensors so that a multiple-access load requires just one securing point.

Greater physical security is also on the rise. Some devices may have padlocked housings, as well as mud flaps that feature locking metal hasps, instead of the older hook and loop fastening devices. Other recent innovations include improved water tightness on the exterior casing of the seal, ensuring a virtually waterproof housing

The use of flash memory enables new features to be uploaded into unit to customize its functionality, thus protecting the user’s investment. Newer units also feature lithium ion batteries, which extend the life of the device, enabling companies to similarly extend the amortization of the product.

Cost conscious customers are taking note. By replacing older mechanical seals with the newer electronic seals, they can eliminate the need to purchase, store, control, and dispose of mechanical seals. Using the new technology, they can also obtain improved features while benefiting from reduced ancillary total costs of ownership – in other words, higher security at lower costs.

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